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Game Over Online ~ Play This, Play That

GameOver Game Reviews - Play This, Play That (c) Patch Products, Reviewed by - Lil Grrr

Game & Publisher Play This, Play That (c) Patch Products
System Requirements P133, 16MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM
Overall Rating 30%
Date Published Saturday, August 1st, 1998 at 10:28 AM

Divider Left By: Lil Grrr Divider Right

Play This, Play That. Sounds like a game that gives you many choices, in this case, 6 different games. It even comes with 6 sub dirs that clearly separates the games. Here are the games included:

Air Hockey - The featured game on this product. This would have been a decent addition to the rather boring games included had it not suffer some major AI deficiency. The developers should be ashamed at themselves for creating such a dumb AI. For example, the opponent, when serving, only moves side to side until it makes contact with the puck. The opponent also moves slowly to just make contact with the puck, a lot of the time hitting it in his own net.

Skeet Shooting/Saloon Shootout - 2 games, both target practice with your mouse. Skeet Shooting lets you aim at moving discs and Saloon Shootout lets you target items in a saloon bar. The saloon bar contains hidden surprises. Not much else to say.

Walk the Plank - Hey, a fighting game with pirates? No. Instead you are treated to Hangman. Yes, Hangman, the game where you pick letters of the alphabet to solve a phrase. Instead of the little man that gets hung if you lose, you have a pirate who will fall slowly off the plank had you choose a wrong letter.

Odd Man Out - Another old classic. Basically you have a number of spheres where one can jump to an empty spot, eliminating the sphere it jumped over. This is to be done repeatedly until the sphere are spread out and one cannot jump over another anymore. 3 different shaped boards to play from.

Memory Pick - Memory...ring a bell? It's a game where you pick 2 cards at a time to find matching ones. The amount of cards can go to 56 (You have that much time? Are you 75 years old?) and all the way up to 144 cards when stacked to add another element to it. In any case, its still picking two identical cards within a big number of them.

Graphics: 5 / 20
Although viewed in only half of the screen, the graphics are very sharp. At the same time, however, it suffers from a major lack of movement, finding only 1 or 2 sprites moving, making the game very bland and boring to look at.

Sound: 5 / 15
Most of the sound are well done, depicting it's real life counterparts but the lack of different sounds, due to the simplicity of most of these games, make the sound similar to the graphics, very bland and boring.

Gameplay: 10 / 30
There isn't much to say about the gameplay. Most of the game play the way it was meant to be played with the exception of Air Hockey.

Fun Factor: 3 / 20
5 minutes of fun in each games that should have been released as freeware.

Multiplayer Play: 5 / 5
It supports both modem and network play.

Overall Impression: 2 / 10
Each game belongs either in the 5$ shareware bin or in the Windows 98 games package. Combine 6 of those games and what you end up with is...well...nothing much.


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