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GameOver Game Reviews - Jeff Gordon XS Racing (c) ASC Games, Reviewed by - Smokey

Game & Publisher Jeff Gordon XS Racing (c) ASC Games
System Requirements Pentium 100, 16 MB Ram, 4x CD-ROM
Overall Rating 60%
Date Published Wednesday, June 2nd, 1999 at 07:13 PM

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The very well known NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon now has his own driving game. Rumor has it he is a big video game fan himself, and he has put a lot of input into the development of this title.

Jeff Gordon's XS Racing has a great style. The cars are detailed to perfection, and the surroundings are solid as well. One might be hard pressed to miss the loads of advertisement pumped into this game all around the tracks, Pepsi and 7-11 to mention a few. It has 3dfx support, and uses it wonderfully, a lot of people compare these graphics to those seen in DeathKarz. Its graphics flowed nicely and was the one thing that made this game worth its price tag.

The sound in Jeff Gordon's XS Racing was very realistic, and was already setup and ready to go with autodetect on. The speech was done by Jeff Gordon himself, all it contains are some witty comments to bring out the competitor in you, and who wouldn’t want to leave Gordon in the dust after some trash talking? The sound effects here also were pure and added great enjoyment to the game.

The one thing this game lacks is gameplay. There is nothing to do but race around, lap after lap, trying to out race other cars. Now I know what your thinking, well it is a racing game. However it holds no challenge as there is nothing to it. There is no driving skill to master in this one, all of the cars have automatic, and this game just needs something else to it. Even when cars got damaged they just morphed back. No pitstops, weapons, or explosions. The controls on this game was a sinch, leaving all the driving to basic turning, and dull boring laps.

This games seems as if it would have been fun to play a friend in, however the game was suppost to include multiplayer over the Internet or over a local area network (LAN). I myself did not find any option to access this form of gameplay, and was quite disappointed that they decided to leave it out. The game was just to easy, and has been done to death already by other companies. It is mostly just repetitive, and didn’t last long on my hard drive. There was absolutely no replay value, it was fun for a test drive, but I wouldnt even lease this puppy.

Jeff Gordon’s XS Racing is just another chip off the old block. It lacked action as it just was continuous driving lap after lap. It has some unique features, like how wings come out on the side of the car when you are airborne, but nothing to big that sets it outside the normal racing simulation. Looks like Mr. Gordon should stick to what he does best. His partnership with ASC Games turned out to be a very impressive looking game, but was held back by its dull and repetitive gameplay.


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