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Game & Publisher Get Medieval (c) Monolith
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Overall Rating 76%
Date Published Thursday, July 16th, 1998 at 09:12 PM

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Get Medieval is a sequel to Gauntlet, sporting enhanced graphics and levels. For those of you who never played Gauntlet, the premise of the game is essentially kill, kill, kill, in a fantasy setting. The player walks around either a specifically designed dungeon (for the quest mode) or a randomly generated one, killing monsters and collecting loot and power-ups. The character is controlled from an overhead view by either a keyboard, joystick or game-pad, all with extremely simple to use controls. While Get Medieval is simple, it's also fast, furious, easy to learn and control and just plain fun.

The player can choose between four different characters: an archer, a barbarian, a sword wielding woman and a sorceress. Each has their own specific type of attack and their own strengths and weaknesses in the areas of foot speed, weapon speed and weapon strength. Each character can attack either from a distance or close up, with certain characters having a better close up and others having a better distance attack. There are also visual and vocal differences between the characters, which, while not changing the way they play, adds an element of personality to the game. Each character is splendidly rendered and looks extremely different from all the others: the barbarian is a big hulking man while the sorceress is a smooth walking cloaked woman. The vocal differences are superb, but I'll get into that in the audio section. The variation between the characters allows for much more replay and is one of the strongest points of the game.

The graphics of Get Medieval are excellent for a 2D game. I found them to be very colourful and diverse: you can always tell what something is just by the way it looks. Each monster is rendered just as well as the characters, and the boss monster renderings are just excellent. Top down views usually look ugly, but Get Medieval breaks this barrier with its very acceptable graphics, which, while not the best there are, are excellent and very suitable for a game of this type.

The audio was a mixture of amazing and mediocre. The amazing part was the voices of the characters, which I found to be hilarious. Each character has a very distinct voice and sayings which are activated by different situations. For example when the barbarian has been walking around a lot without encountering monsters he says "All this walking is giving me good pumping of the legs" in a very Schwartzeneger-like voice. Another saying I found to be hilarious when I first heard it was "I am bigger and stronger than the rest of the girlie men." which is said by the barbarian in the character selection screen. The mediocre sound is in the form of the sound effects which serve there purpose but are nothing special.

Get Medieval can be both very fun and very repetitive. Fortunately it is more usually fun than boring. There are several modes one can choose from when playing the game: the quest mode, the random dungeon mode and the custom dungeon mode. The quest mode has specifically designed levels which are much more interesting to play than the random dungeons because you have a sense of purpose. However, the random dungeons are also fun if you just feel like killing some monsters, even though there is no real purpose behind it all. Custom dungeons, I believe, allow you to get new dungeons from the Internet or design your own and play them (although I didn't see an editor anywhere). This allows for some excellent dungeon designs, but I doubt a lot of people will be playing this game, so don't expect much in this field. While the game consists of killing monsters and finding secret levers and keys you can also power-up your weapons and armor, which are quite cool when at the highest level. The puzzle aspect is well implemented and I never found myself wandering around with nothing to do. Overall this game is great fun, but nothing I'd want to spend four hours at a time playing.

Multiplay is only cooperative, which makes sense to me (you have to play the game to really understand). However, the cooperative play is very well done and makes the game even more fun. You can play either on the same computer or over a LAN and both methods run smoothly. This isn't the greatest multiplayer game ever, but it is smooth and pretty fun in its own respect.

Get Medieval will be staying on my hard drive as a game to play when I only have 30 or so minutes to do so and I think that's really what the developers were aiming at. This is the best game of its type that I have played and a welcome addition to my gaming directory in the usual summer drought.


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Gauntlet is back! Well sort of. This isn't made by the original authors of Gauntlet but the design is the same. You fight monsters from the top view with your choice of Barbarian, Elf, Avenger or Sorcerer classes. There are armor and weapon upgrades and the usual bevy of gold, treasure, etc.

The game looks pretty good considering the current level of graphics. There is no 3D hardware support however, so the more advanced graphics like smoke, and alpha-blending are not present. However, an earlier game called Mageslayer, did have 3D support and colored lighting and the whole schlameel and it still sucked, so graphics aren't everything. The game runs extremely smooth for me so a P2 is in no way required. I would have liked to see more variety in the spells since there is just one spell you can cast which fires a blue ring outward that kills all monsters. Choices of spells or at least a different spell for each class would have been cool. Also I would have liked to see new graphics for your melee weapon as you upgrade it, such as a light trail on your arrows or some sparkly effect, the better your weapon gets. Armor also looks the same although you are constantly upgrading that too. Perhaps a skin change as you get better armor so your character looks more powerful. Decent graphics overall but the little touches are missing.

"All this running is getting me pumped up". The speech is hilarious if you choose the Barbarian class. His voice is done in an Arnold Schwarzeneggar style and he says lots of funny stuff. The other classes say funny lines as well but they don't emulate a voice we're familiar with so they don't have as much impact. Sound effects serve the game well otherwise but nothing really out of the ordinary. Music is slashed out.

The game is fun. It's not a title with any real longevity but for a week or so it will serve its purpose. The difficulty is about right with choices of easy, medium and hard and there are level bosses every 6 stages or so. Multiplayer is possible on one machine as long as you have enough keyboards/gamepads to go around for the max of 4 players possible. You can play via modem, TCP and LAN but I found even a 2 player game with my 56k modem and a friends cable connection, to be a bit lagged. There are quests and random dungeons so there should be no lack of levels to play. I found keyboard to be very frustrating to use a gamepad, if you don't have a gamepad, for god's sake go buy one. It's a good game overall but it lacks the character of Gauntlet.

Good stuff:
runs fast on normal pentiums
decent graphics
mindless fun

Bad stuff:
lacks that gauntlet "character"
laggy Internet play for modems
graphics could be way better
there should be midi tracks for music


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King Aaron's realm is sacked by a nasty Dragon and his evil minions blah, blah, blah... it's an action game, and the plot makes as little difference as the name.

In the game you can either be Eryc the Archer, Zared the Barbarian, Levina the Sorceress, or Kellina the Warrior. Not a whole lot of difference between the characters, some have slightly stronger weaponry while others shoot a little bit faster.

Okay folks, it's Gauntlet 98, plain and simple. It looks pretty, easy to play, lots of hacking and slashing. It's definitely what you'd expect from a top down arcade style dungeon hack. Mindless carnage followed by witty remarks from our wonderful character selection. It's fast paced and it doesn't seem too hard so it's a good game for just about anyone.

Graphics 14/20

The graphics are pretty decent for a non 3D top down perspective. Nothing real spectacular other than this sort of game hasn't been done in a while and past attempts haven't looked all that good. It's smooth and has some attention paid to detail. It's pretty clear though there's no light sourcing, just a generic shadow effect.

Sound 11/15

Get Medieval was intended to be humorous, so no serious comments from the characters. Mostly bravado shouts and complaints when you're going in the wrong direction or hack up some baddies. For the attempt at humor... it wasn't real good. I preferred the jests and comments from Die By the Sword, but I'll take what I can get from Get Medieval.

Gameplay 18/25

It's easy, no steep learning curve here. I played it with the keyboard and it was only slightly difficult when I had to go on a diagonal. It's basically your direction keys and 3 buttons, so no complex keystrokes or multiple button pressing.

Fun Factor 13/20

It's pretty repetitive, but it's mindless. I don't mind getting away from busy day to come do a little hacking on some ugly looking monster. It doesn't take a whole lot of brain power so it's easy to play and the fast pace will keep the game moving along. It has a random dungeon feature so you can make it so the levels aren't the same. Replay will probably be limited for most people.

Packaging 5/5

Multiplayer 4/5

It has two ways for multiplayer. One is up to 3 people can play on the local PC, which is pretty nice for when you have friends over and you need something quick to keep them entertained. While it looked at first like it'd be good across the net, it's somewhat flawed. It's laggy even on a decent connection. Another downside is that the characters are limited to one screen so you all have to be heading in the same direction.

Overall Impression 7/10

This hasn't been done in awhile and this is a very well done attempt at the genre. It has good graphics, decent sound, and some good options. It's not my particular type of game, but if you're a Gauntlet fan or just need a game that's quick and easy, take a look at this. There isn't really any other game out there of this type anymore so it's probably worth a look just on that aspect.


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