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GameOver Game Reviews - Flesh Feast (c) Segasoft, Reviewed by - Phire

Game & Publisher Flesh Feast (c) Segasoft
System Requirements P133, 16MB RAM, 4x CDROM
Overall Rating 51%
Date Published Sunday, May 17th, 1998 at 04:03 PM

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Well I was pretty much expecting more from this game, I had heard months before that this game wasn't too great judging from the demo. And the rumors were right, this game really sucks bad. This game is kind of like Resident Evil, except in flesh feast its a bigger environment and the game is real time 3D and has a very bad camera view. This game's graphics are extremely bad, it's very unfortunate that the graphics look like that.

The models to the game are very bad, they are just modeled badly and the texturing is even worse. The game doesn't run smoothly either, blood graphics are very bad. If you turn the lighting on then the game looks completely black and is almost unplayable. There are only 4-5 types of models of enemies and only 1 model for good guys. So basically this game does not have any good graphics at all.

As for the sound for the game, I say its equally bad as the graphics. The gunshot sounds are all mixed up, I heard a pistol sound for a double barrel shotgun. One nice thing is that the wide variety of weapons, it's just too bad that most of them are also badly modeled and have the wrong sounds and some of them are just ridiculous. Like the nailgun, sure that was good in Quake, but in Flesh feast its like a real nail gun, it shoots slow and kills a zombie with 2 hits, that is just stupid.

The gameplay to this game pretty much sucks also, it gets pretty boring and confusing because the environments are pretty big. And it just gets boring trying to shoot stupid zombies with stupid weapons with stupid sound and graphics... It's just stupid :). And an annoying thing is that the camera view is on a very bad angle, it's like the one you saw in Ignition, where it was just slightly turned overhead, well this is the way this game is and you can't even see what's coming ahead.


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