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Game & Publisher Fish Fillet (c) Altar Inc.
System Requirements P133, 16MB RAM, 4x CDROM
Overall Rating 51%
Date Published Monday, May 18th, 1998 at 03:51 PM

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I didn't expect much from this, I immediately knew I wasn't going to be satisfied with the game just by looking at the name. The name to this game really shows no description of what the game is actually like, Fish Fillet sounds like something you would eat and doesn't sound like a puzzle game. What you do in this game is move objects, and you have 2 fish to control, a small fish and a dolphin type fish. Of course the smaller fish is faster because its lighter and the dolphin type fish is stronger.

The dolphin type fish can move heavy objects which the lighter fish cannot move. The advantage that the lighter fish has is that it can move faster and it can squeeze between small openings which the dolphin fish cannot get through. If objects drop on you then you die and then you must click the restart button to try to beat the level again. The distance of the object does not matter, if it falls on you from anywhere then you die.

It looks like to me that this game was designed for ages 8 and up, because this game is just too easy to beat. Basically you just move the obstacles out of the way and go through the tunnels on the side of the level and you beat that level. Sometimes the obstacles aren't even in the path of the tunnel. I could beat this game in 5 minutes. The control is very easy to use, just some simple clicking and your on your way.

The graphics are pretty nice to this game, it's highly detailed cartoon type graphics. It looks nice if your desktop resolution is 1024x768 16-Bit high color. The sound isn't that bad either. The bad points to this game is the Gameplay and the Fun Factor, this game is absolutely boring and almost ridiculous. This game is definitely not worth getting.


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