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Game & Publisher ESPN's 2 Minute Drill (c) ESPN
System Requirements Windows, Pentium 166, 32MB Ram, 150MB HDD, 4x CD-ROM
Overall Rating 70%
Date Published Friday, December 1st, 2000 at 04:58 PM

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Trivia games have always occupied a small corner of the PC gaming industry. While Jellyvision and Sierra's 'You Don't Know Jack' series is often regarded as the pinnacle of computer-based trivia games, that hasn't stopped Disney Interactive from gobbling up most of the trivia market as of late with their series of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' titles based on the television show of the same name. Hoping to cash in on the success of recent trivia titles, ESPN Games has transformed their hit television show, ESPN's 2 Minute Drill, into a virtual quiz game, allowing sports trivia junkies their chance to shine.

ESPN's 2 Minute Drill is a fast paced test of your sports knowledge. The game is hosted by ESPN's own Kenny Mayne, along with a panel of ESPN personalities, and features three rounds of sports trivia, each round lasting two minutes. The first round features a cast of four ESPN personalities. In this preliminary round, you'll select which personality will ask the next question to you, queries based on the sports each individual is known to cover. For example, football guru Tom Jackson will only ask pigskin questions, while Steve Levy will stick to hockey challenges. The second round features five ESPN personalities but the course of action is slightly different. In this round, the personalities will alternate between each other, whereas in the first round you get to choose who will ask the next question. In both rounds, each personality is equipped with five or six questions, after which they can no longer be called upon. Both of these first two rounds are based on multiple-choice questions.

The third and final round is perhaps the toughest of the three, simply because of the absence of multiple-choice questions. In this round, you begin by selecting one of five sports (Football, basketball, baseball, hockey or golf) and you'll be asked a three-part question regarding that sport. Answers in the first two rounds are worth one point each, with bonus points available if you answer a certain number of questions. A correct response to all three parts of the question featured in the final round will double your score. When your two minutes are up (Well, actually 4 minutes and change to be exact), your score just might appear on the "Hall of Fame" leader board.

ESPN's 2 Minute Drill offers more than 2000 challenging questions. Just about every sporting event imaginable is covered with questions as far back as the early 1900's and as recent as a few months ago. While 2000 questions may seem like more than a handful, it wasn't long before the different ESPN personalities began repeating themselves. Eight games in to be exact. The topics and questions appear to be chosen randomly, which means the same questions can come up as easily as new ones can. After twenty matches, the questions began to repeat themselves more frequently. It's at this point that the game relies more on memory work than actual sports knowledge.

ESPN's 2 Minute Drill features a ton of voice talent. Besides host Kenny Mayne, there are voiceovers done by various ESPN personalities including Tom Jackson, Suzy Kolber, Andrea Kremer, Steve Levy, Dan Patrick, and many others. Most of the voiceovers are relegated to little quips, as the questions aren't actually asked by the personalities themselves. Instead, all you'll hear from Tom Jackson is "Fourth down and long, I'm done" when he's run through all his questions, or "Good job" from Trey Wingo as he comments on your overall score. Kenny Mayne is the only voice you'll hear on a regular basis, often instructing you what to do next. The little blurbs from the various personalities are as random as the questions are. It doesn't matter whether you score 20 points or 64 points, you'll still hear personalities declare you did a great job when you didn't, or gave a poor performance when you actually just took top spot in the 'Hall of Fame' leader board.

ESPN's 2 Minute Drill is a fast paced sports quiz game. Each contest lasts only 4 minutes so you shouldn't expect a deep and thought provoking gaming experience. It's not the most innovative quiz game, but it does offer what sport junkies yearn for, their favourite television personalities and solid sports trivia. ESPN's 2 Minute Drill is designed for a single player so if anything, its goal is to provide a quick sports fix when needed. If you're thinking you're going to get hours and hours of fun from this game, you're going to be disappointed when those questions start repeating themselves. It's not called ESPN's 2 Minute Drill for nothing.

[ 35/50 ] Gameplay
[ 07/10 ] Graphics
[ 06/10 ] Sound
[ 10/10 ] Controls
[ 04/10 ] Replay Value
[ 08/10 ] Fun Factor


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