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GameOver Game Reviews - Carnival Games (c) WizardWorks, Reviewed by - Lothian

Game & Publisher Carnival Games (c) WizardWorks
System Requirements Pentium 100, 16MB Ram
Overall Rating 28%
Date Published Friday, September 10th, 1999 at 07:57 PM

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Those dog-days of summer are often filled with excursions to local fairs, carnivals and amusement parks. Many of us have experienced these wonders of modern marketing, where a hot-dog and soda will run you nearly $5 and the merchants can legally peddle their wares at a modest 600% inflated price. Or for us young lads out with our lady friends, $2 for three shots at a small plush bear seems more than reasonable; though it generally takes several attempts to win. Sandbox Studios has attempted to recreate this summer phenomenon with their latest title: Carnival Games; Their attempt failed.

The graphics are far from visually stunning, unless you fall into the 6-12 year age group. Though I would agree that for this title they are adequate, a lot more work could have been put into the development of this game.

The games themselves are definately reminiscent of a carnival. All your favourites are there:

  • Shoot A Star: Remove all traces of the red star by shooting it with the machine gun.
  • Hoop Zone: Shoot as many baskets as you can in 30 seconds.
  • Dunk A Clown: Dunk the clown by tossing a ball at the target.
  • Whack A Weasel: Hit the weasel with the mallet as many times as you can in 30 seconds.
  • Milk Bottle Toss: Toss the two balls at the bottles
  • Pop A Balloon: Throw the three darts at the balloons.
  • Ring A Pirate: Toss your three rings on the pirate's sword.

    All the games come with two difficulty settings: Easy and Hard. Easy is too easy and Hard isn't much harder. The objective of all these games is to win prizes. Prizes come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The only intersting aspect of the prizes is that Carnival Games offers the option of printing a copy of your prize, giving you something physical to show for your victory over the crooked carny's booth. The sound effects are weak at best and the game lacks background music of any kind

    Though through the eight games you will experience differing levels of difficulty, it won't be due to the difficulty settings (they only control speed of play). The games aren't very challenging save for the Shoot-A-Star. Shoot-A-Star involves shooting out a target with a machine gun. It's harder than it sounds kids. Other than that, you should always be able to walk away with a large prize.

    After thouroghly testing this game (approx. 20 minutes) I got bored of every aspect of this title. Besides the Shoot-A-Star games that pissed me off royally (constitutes 18 minutes of the total 20) I wouldn't recommend this title even as a joke.


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