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Game Over Online ~ Caesar's Palace Slots

GameOver Game Reviews - Caesar's Palace Slots (c) Interplay, Reviewed by - Prozac

Game & Publisher Caesar's Palace Slots (c) Interplay
System Requirements P133, 16MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM
Overall Rating 48%
Date Published Saturday, September 26th, 1998 at 10:23 AM

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Slots and casino card games have been coming out on the PC since I was a wee little boy. Usually, they were crap with a shareware feel and lousy sound. Now Interplay comes out with a game to capture one of the popular parts of a casino, the slot machine. The one-armed bandit. I remember going to Las Vegas many times and seeing people as drones wasting their savings in front of these machines that rarely ever payback any money. You can hear them from about a mile away with their clanging and beeps and they seem to be everywhere on the entire casino floor. Caesar Palace's slot section is the most eloquent slots location in Vegas, and I was hoping that Interplay would recapture this in their new casino game release, Caesar's Palace Slots. I was sorely disappointed.

Caesar's Palace Slots has over thirty different slots machines on the casino floor: some realistic, most of them imaginary slot machines you'd never see on the casino floor. You start off with $10,000 and can choose between five different areas, depending on how much you want to spend for a credit on a slot machine (25 cents, $1, $5, $25, $100). The game would have been a lot more interesting if each area had a different variety of slot machines, but unfortunately this wasn't implemented into the game.

When you get onto the floor, you just click on the slot machine you'd like to play. The game includes some slot machines that seemed to be reproduced exactly from the Casino floor like Progressive Slots (the main jackpot keeps going up as you play). Caesar's Palace Slots also had some ridiculous slot machines like Merlin's Cast, which lets you play up to 40 credits at once then after you pull you can select which slot space you'd like to try to change, and it changes it randomly. Of all the slots, my favorite had to be the Gridiron Gold Football, which mixes slots with football. Depending on what you get on a pull is the amount of yards you gain in order until you get a first down. If you gain enough yards without losing the football or loss of downs, you get a touchdown or field goal and earn a substantial amount of money. Once you've grown tired of all the slots, you can create your own slot machine with the built-in editor.

The biggest problem has to be that I don't feel like I'm in Caesar's Palace playing slot machines. The slot machines themselves feel like nicely detailed computerized slot machines. They don't feel authentic. An example is when the slots are spinning into place, they seem to spin too fast. If Interplay was trying for authenticity in this game, they failed miserably. Graphics: 11/25

Caesar's Palace Slots did put a nice touch on the slot machines, making them colorful and attractive. Unfortunately, they don't seem realistic. It just seems the graphics department went overboard on creativity, which in the end is a distraction and could turn people away from the game.

Sound: 8/15

Interplay has included all the usual sound effects in a slot machine you'd expect, but forgot a lot of important things. Where's the music? Where's the crowd slots sound environment? Why do the slot machines get irritating after about an hour? Why do I feel like I'm alone by myself playing a slot machine game? Why don't I feel like I'm in Las Vegas? Hello, is anyone there?

Gameplay: 14/30

As mentioned, the slot machines look great, and it was very easy to use. If you desire, you can put in a certain amount of money or you can dump your coins in one at a time. While huge selection of slot machines is the key point that Interplay is trying to push in this game, I think they went overboard in the ideas department. A slot machine shaped like a 50's jukebox? Um, yeah. Also, why doesn't it feel like I'm really pulling the arm on a slot machine?

Fun Factor: 10/20

At first, I actually enjoyed this game. But after several hours, Caesar's Palace Slots lost its glamour and I was bored, even with its variety of slot machines. Interplay should have included a variety of slots modes or tournaments. In Vegas, casinos would hold slots tournaments depending how many times you could pull the arm or how much money you could earn in a certain amount of time. If these would have been included, this definitely would have made the game a lot more interesting. One other annoying thing was that every time you start up a game of Caesar's Palace, it always bothers you if you want to register. Is Interplay desperate to get people on to their mailing list?

Overall Impression: 5/10

In a nutshell: It's a lot of slot machines in the infamous Caesar's Palace. The problem is, it doesn't seem like a Vegas slot simulation. It just seems like a lot of computerized slot machines all in one game. This is only recommended to fans of PC slot machine games that must try every slot game. If you're a person like me who desires the real thing, fly to Vegas and play slots at Caesar, and waste the money on a slot machine and not on this game.


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