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Game & Publisher Bubble Bobble Hero 2 (c) Lonaisoft
System Requirements Pentium 100, 16MB Ram, 4x CD-ROM
Overall Rating 58%
Date Published Saturday, May 1st, 1999 at 04:16 PM

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Back in the day, platform games dominated the video game market, much like 3rd and 1st person games are dominating the market right now. During this age, there lived two little dinos called Bub and Bob. Actually they weren't dinosaurs in the beginning, they were turned into bubble dinosaurs. What do these magical bubble dragons do? They shoot bubbles and they look like dinosaurs. The cryptic messages in these 80's games are overwhelming for my own mind to comprehend. Anyway they were turned into dinos to save their girlfriends. Now in Bubble Bobble Heroes 2, the cast of characters has risen from 2 to 4. It seems like 2 lady dinos have joined Bub and Bob to save their fruitcake world.

Bubble Bobble is a great game, and I actually put it up there with old classic games such as Tron and Galaga. A little tech history on the game is that it was pretty much ported to every single system. This classic game now comes back with a new look. It still has its addicting gameplay and same platform 2d roots. I pretty much grew up on bubble bobble on my Nintendo trying to beat the game, which had so many god-forsaken levels.

Bubble Bobble Heroes 2 is pretty much like Bubble Bobble. For people that never played a game back in the day, here's a short summary of it. You're a dinosaur that shoots little bubble like things to capture enemies. The Enemies get enclosed in the bubble and you have to jump on top of them to kill them. When you kill them, they spread their point-giving fruit all over the place in a surplus of wonderful fruit flavor. So now that you know the basics of the game, so let me get on to the little perks that the programmers at Lonaisoft gave you all to play with. Throughout the game you can get special bubbles that cause many different effects to happen. One has a tornado, which knocks down all the enemies in diagonal line. There's a lighting bolt that kills any enemy unfortunate to get in your way. When you fight an abnormally big boss you usually get a special bottle that lets you shoot out fire bubbles or such things like that.

The sound in this game is pretty much just a bunch of bloops and bubble noises with a pop that signals a bubble breaking. Then, of course, there's the usual death noise that tells you death is coming because you just were too slow.

The multiplayer aspect in this game is a one screen, two-player local computer setup. Sometimes it's good to have a game like that for when a friend comes over to play a two-player game and you don't feel like getting out your playstation, you can always play bubble bobble. Too bad it doesn't have TCP/IP or anything allows for multiple computers. The multiplayer has its upside, but too bad in the long run it has a much bigger downside.

Now here comes the part where I go into detail where the up and downs are in this game. The major upside is that it's a classic with great graphics and very addicting in the beginning. Then comes the downside, right after the good part. After awhile, the game just gets boring, repetitive and, on top of that, easy. A game that is this easy is an absolutely horrible killer by itself. It only lasts on your computer for about 1 hour until you beat i,t then all you’re left with is a bad taste in your mouth.

Bottom line, this game is great for people that love the old classic. Otherwise it's a pretty pointless game. For anyone that has enough skills to play games such as Doom or Wolf 3d, you shouldn't have any problems beating this game in less than a week.


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