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GameOver Game Reviews - Blood 2: The Nightmare Levels (c) GT Interactive, Reviewed by - Prolix

Game & Publisher Blood 2: The Nightmare Levels (c) GT Interactive
System Requirements Pentium 166, 32MB RAM, Original Blood 2
Overall Rating 19%
Date Published Wednesday, March 31st, 1999 at 03:34 PM

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Add on packs can be a great thing. They breath new life into an old game and at a fraction of the original price. Sadly this add on pack is completely out of breath and reeks of bargain bin. Which is unfortunate, because at times Blood 2 was an enjoyable

game. This pitiful offering from GT Interactive will repel even the most die-hard fans of Blood 2.

New Features Include:

  • 2 New Weapons: the combat shotgun and the Flayer
  • 5 new multiplayer models
  • 6 single player levels
  • 6 multiplayer levels

    Yes that’s really all that’s new in this add on pack, pathetic isn’t it? Anyway, as the game begins, Caleb, Ophelia, Gabriella, and JoJo (the former idiot circus boy) are sitting around a campfire swapping embarrassing stories. Caleb starts first and professes his ultimate nightmare of being trapped in a freezing environment. Mysteriously he is whisked away via a green portal to his nightmare and he must fight through his nightmare. However, it doesn’t end here, Caleb is mysteriously transported to everyone else’s nightmares, but makes no further appearances in the nightmares after the cut scenes. I didn’t exactly follow the mechanics of how this worked, but it made for a few interesting moments.

    Level design is really all Blood 2 has going for it, because lets face it, the Lithtech engine isn’t that great. You won’t not find any handsomely crafted levels here however, just the typical trashy, uninspired levels. Locales include; an icy hedge maze, circus, spooky mansion, sorority house, Spanish/western town, and some place that resembles hell. Let’s examine the sorority house. It starts off outside the sorority house leaving you searching for a way in! The front door is locked, what to do? Better start in the basement of the house. Eventually you work your way up through the house and see all the cheesy things the designers included like the showers and posters of beefy studs. All of the maps are so bland and cheap it mystifies you how they could have ever hit the shelves.

    Amid all this trash there is one gem, however, and it comes in the form of a weapon called the Flayer. For those of you who watched Hellraiser you will know exactly what I am talking about here. This weapon opens up a portal and spews chains from it, impaling the nearest enemy; eventually it attempts to suck in the monster and usually rips its guts out. This is a great weapon, too bad they had to rip it off from a movie! The combat shotgun isn’t anything new, just another bland shotgun.

    Ever see one of those Kung-Fu movies where the voice acting is so terrible it makes you laugh? Then you should feel right at home while watching the cut scenes in Blood2. The voice acting in this add-on pack has got to be the most 3rd rate pile of shit computer game voice acting ever composed! Other than the new speech effects in the game there isn’t too much new here in terms of sound.

    Right off the bat Blood2 had multiplayer problems, and even after a patch was released to supposedly fix it, multiplayer was still unplayable. So why would anyone release more, if no one is going to play them? But what the heck, some poor shmuck wasted his time anyhow. The six maps that are included in this add on pack are so dismally boring it blows the mind how someone could actually expect people to pay for them.

    Monolith should be ashamed of themselves with this release. No one in their right mind should buy Blood2 The Nightmare Levels. Paying for such a small release is absolutely ridiculous, it took me a total of one and a half hours to play through this entire pack. Spend your money on something worthwhile, don’t squander it on this junk.


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