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Game & Publisher Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. (c) Midway
System Requirements p133 32mb RAM
Overall Rating 67%
Date Published Tuesday, November 24th, 1998 at 06:40 PM

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Bio Freaks is a multi-level 3D fighter game set in America's future. It is a future unimaginable to us today. Instead of armies protecting our country, there are Biological Flying Robotic Enhanced Armored Killing Synthoids (Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.) which settle territorial disputes. Bio Freaks is unlike anything out there. The character's unique fighting abilities and the fact that combat can occur at multiple level arenas are factors which makes this game sound very intriguing.

Graphics: Bio Freaks is one of the first 3D fighting games in a 3D world, and throughout the game the graphics seem up to par. The character detail is extremely well done in the game. All the Freaks seem to look fairly original, but some not as well done as others. A clown with a big hammer? Or a big flying machine? Come on! The game seems to be powered by the same, if not similar, graphics engine as Mortal Kombat 4 for the PC. That is, without all the graphic pop-ups that plagued Mortal Kombat 4. The character animations run smoothly and look very realistic. The arenas look plain, dark, and very gloomy. The only thing 3D about the arenas is the ability to side step and jet to new heights to fight on. The blood effects are nothing more than normal. The ability to dismember your opponent in the middle of a round was a nice addition though. There are no signs of any lighting affects what so ever in the game. It supports 3DFX, but hardly utilizes any of its power.


The sound effects in fighting games always seem to be missing something. Bio Freaks comes with the usual grunting and clanging of metal effects as most fighting games do. Some of the characters have voices or say a phrase or two during their entry into the arena. The quality is something you would expect from a cheap shareware game. It's so unclear and full of static. The music is totally uninspiring and annoying at that. The sounds FX also get tiresome and irritating very quickly. The emphasis in Bio Freaks obviously was on gameplay and graphics.


There are a total of eight freaks for you to control in Bio Freaks, and one bad ass end guy. They all come with some kind of hellish weapon attached to their body also. The characters seemed equally balanced, but it would have been nice to have more of a selection. Not to mention some secret moves or characters that would be unlocked after you beat it. The fighting style in Bio Freaks is no different than any other fighting game out there. It comes with the usual side step, jump, and projectile fighting. Bio Freaks combo system is a joke. Unlike most recent fighters, this game depends on the special attacks each character comes equipped with, sort of like the original Mortal Kombat. The flying in the game sometimes gets annoying and hard to control. Bio Freaks does bring one new thing to the fighting genre though, that is a first person view. You can fight from an eye view during a round. I found this completely unbearable and next too impossible to use. The controls could also been a little tighter. It comes with the usual modes of play such as practice, arcade, VS, and survival. The boss is also hard as hell, which is nice for a change. It will definitely take you awhile to take that bad boy out.

Fun Factor:

Even though the game doesn't offer many innovations to the table, it is still fun to play. You and your buddies can have hours of fun dismembering each other, or throwing knives at one another.(They stay in you until the end of the round.) Besides that, the game doesn't have much to offer.

Overall Impression:

With games like Tekken 3 and Mortal Kombat out there, Bio Freaks doesn't stand a chance. It isn't that much fun to play, and you'll catch yourself loading up an older fighting game on your drive rather than this one. I think you'll find you'll get bored with it very quickly.


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