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Game & Publisher ArA NGC 6937 (c) H+A Games
System Requirements Pentium Based System, 16mb RAM, 4x CD-ROM
Overall Rating 72%
Date Published Friday, June 5th, 1998 at 09:38 PM

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The story is that there are planetary terrorists, these terrorists got their hands on a virus which makes people very docile and very controllable. The terrorists intend on using the virus to control the entire universe and you are the one who has to stop him. You are part of an Anti-Terrorist team and most of your team died trying to fight off the terrorists and it's down to 2 Anti-Terrorist team members: you and one friend.

The graphics to this game are quite good, this game isn't realtime 3D, it's pre-rendered 3D graphics which look really great. Pre-rendered 3D graphics have no jagged edges, and they are absolutely clear and the effects look better. But pre-rendered 3d graphics come at a cost, they are bigger in size and when animated they are even bigger. The animation to this game is smooth and the shooting effects are cool.

One cool thing is when you start the game you get this cool introduction speech which explains the story, you get sound but no video (a video addon is expected), the intro speech is really cool and the gunshot sounds are awesome, even your other Anti-Terrorist team member sometimes says something like "Get that one on the right!".

This game is really fun, except I don't see a place or menu where you can change difficulty levels. Even though it's pretty easy, it's still fun and addictive. I read the readme.txt that came with this game and it said it only contains 3 levels; that's a shame, this game should've been much longer. Also this game really compressed badly; it's 71 disks and it only uncompresses to 100mb.

Basically your task in this game is to successfully kill the terrorists and retrieve the antidote in this building you are stationed in. You pretty much shoot the terrorists which is really fun and you have to go through stairways and passages to find the antidote; going in the wrong place could mean your death by the terrorists.


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