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Game Over Online ~ Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

GameOver Game Reviews - Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (c) THQ Wireless, Reviewed by - Lawrence Wong

Game & Publisher Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (c) THQ Wireless
System Requirements Wireless phone and service
Overall Rating 62%
Date Published Wednesday, July 6th, 2005 at 03:43 AM

Divider Left By: Lawrence Wong Divider Right

If you hate the movie, you can’t discount the fact that Lucas and company know how to create buzz. His mega billion dollar franchise not only inspires M&Ms, soda, fast food, action figure tie-ins, heck you can buy a LEGO set every time a new Star Wars movie comes out. That’s the power you get when you align all the stars together in the entertainment business. Star Wars has always been kind to the gaming business. After all, even when video gaming was in its infancy and stuck in arcade coin-op parlors, Star Wars was able to make a showing even then. But unfortunately, THQ’s Revenge of the Sith for wireless will not go into the annals of gaming as memorable, even for a mobile title.

When I first saw Revenge of the Sith, I thought it was actually quite cool. The environments look colorful and are based loosely on the movie itself. The characters you play are well depicted. They’re of a large enough size Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu, for example, are not interchangeable characters where one is merely black and one is white. Their animations and actions are different from each other. This year has been a big step forward for wireless titles as characters and colors are becoming more vibrant. You don’t have to squint to see the action.

Right off the bat, though, you’ll notice that while the character is big, the real estate he has to traverse is very narrow. The controls for Revenge of the Sith make it easy for your character to dash from one end of the screen to another. While this might be a good thing (we all love fast-paced action games), it also means people can plummet to their deaths quickly (because they can’t see too far ahead) or run into enemy characters. Some might claim this will add challenge to games but I think it’s actually a bad thing. The controls could stand to be tweaked a little slower.

Combat is actually fairly sophisticated for a wireless title. Novices will go through the game hacking and slashing. The more you hack and slash the regular foes (guards, droids, clone warriors, etc.), the more force you accumulate. There are also force power-ups conveniently placed before you enter a boss battle. Force allows you to execute special moves such as the famous force push. Force powers are also the only way you’ll defeat boss characters. The game is more difficult since you’ll have to use a combination of blocking, force power or lightsaber slashes to dispatch your foes, particularly the bosses. It won’t be difficult if you’re used to these types of games but executing some of them on a cell phone can be challenging.

It’s obvious that with every movie release, we get a plethora of Star Wars titles from educational learning software for kids to hardcore games. This one will appeal to those who want to get everything Star Wars. When the Phantom Menace came out, I bought all the games, including the Gungan kids title. If I had a cell phone then, I’d buy Revenge of the Sith too. But aside from collectors, there doesn’t seem much here than an average game riding the hype of the movie.


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