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Game Over Online ~ Splinter Cell Double Agent

GameOver Game Reviews - Splinter Cell Double Agent (c) Gameloft, Reviewed by - Lawrence Wong

Game & Publisher Splinter Cell Double Agent (c) Gameloft
System Requirements Wireless phone and service
Overall Rating 90%
Date Published Tuesday, October 24th, 2006 at 02:14 AM

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Splinter Cell Double Agent places Sam Fisher deep undercover not just behind enemy lines but with the enemy itself. Your first job is to infiltrate a prison and break free a terrorist to gain their trust. Your subsequent missions will be to do their bidding and gain their trust before discovering their ultimate plan. The hand holding you got from NSA will mostly be gone so Fisher will have to rely on his own wits to survive.

Gameloft has somehow struck great balance and created perfect pace with Double Agent. Although many of the mechanics are similar to previous Splinter Cell games on mobile, Double Agent is more dramatic and contains some pretty exciting scripted action sequences. One of the dives you do while avoiding motion trip laser beams are things that come straight out of Mission Impossible. And at one point you're piloting a helicopter and getting chased by a shark. Just when dodging enemies, sensors, lights and turrets gets boring, Gameloft throws one of these sequences in that helps carry the game through.

The other thing about Double Agent is the quality of the missions. The game made me want to play through the missions to find out what the terrorists are up to next. And it was fun playing both the bad guys and later on trying to save the day by turning on the terrorists. Gameloft keeps the game moving along with mid mission briefs and dialogue.

I really like the challenge level for Double Agent. It's not difficult at all to figure out what the next step is and although there were times I had to replay segments, the game does not send you all the way back to the beginning. It also helps that every time you come back into the game, you are given full ammunition.

Graphically, Double Agent is a beautiful game on mobile. The backgrounds are full of animation, especially the aquatic environments where you see fish swimming behind the gameplay area. The designers have used a deep and colorful palette that makes the game look incredibly sharp. It's not the ultra realistic look of the console versions of the game but it has a style of its own. The audio formula did not change over the years. Double Agent always starts with a nice soundtrack but the first sound effect will stop the soundtrack, which is a pity since the soundtrack is pretty moody in and of itself. Effects themselves are nothing special and really typical of what Gameloft has done with Splinter Cell before.

Double Agent is the best Splinter Cell for mobile yet. I thoroughly enjoyed every mission and found myself trying to find a place outside of my usual commute to finish the last mission before heading into the office. It's that good.


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