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Game & Publisher Twisted Metal: Head On (c) Sony Computer Entertainment
System Requirements PlayStation Portable
Overall Rating 84%
Date Published Thursday, July 7th, 2005 at 04:27 PM

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Who doesn't like blowing up cars? I know I do. It's a very satisfying experience. It's all the better if you do it as a psychopathic clown with an ice cream truck. Well, there's him and all manner of murderous scoundrels that have been invited to the big game. What it really all boils down to: Is the new Twisted Metal game any good? Most definitely.

So, just like in the earlier games, you can choose from a collection of vagabonds who are either forced into or are crazy enough to want to compete in a tournament to the death to win the ultimate prize: a single wish. Of course, it's a hard tournament to win. I mean, you got all these crazy guys in whacked out vehicles shooting you ceaselessly and they aren't very nice.

Well, Twisted Metal: Head On plays almost exactly like the other games of the series: fast and furious. The object being to win the tournament and the prize thereof. In your quest to be the baddest, you have your choice of cars to pilot and each has it's own special abilities. These abilities vary in power and they're all basically balanced out depending on car speed and armor.

Now, to the gameplay. There is, of course, a single player mode in which you challenge the computer to a series of different levels in order to win the tournament. This game has a striking resemblance to the older Twisted Metal titles in gameplay and graphics. It has the definite speed and destruction that fans have come to appreciate. However the real draw for this title is the online play.

Twisted Metal games have always been a blast multiplayer, they're quick and massively destructive, as well as fast-paced. With the release of Head On, you can finally take your grudge online and kill as many anonymous strangers as humanly possible. Depending on your network connection, the online multiplay is pretty slick. You have to make a free account to play, but once on it's pretty smooth. Being able to kill people in crazy cars from nearly anywhere you want is a big plus.

There isn't much bad about this game, but one or two things are a tad irritating. The control scheme takes some time to get used to; it just feels a little clunky. Now, this isn't necessarily Twisted Metal's fault, but there were a few strange button assignment choices. On top of that, the online play account setup can be irritating as well. No one in the entire world likes cycling through a million different digits to enter in a password. No one. Ever.

Overall, Head On is a great addition to the PSP launch library. For old school fans of Twisted Metal, this is a must have. In fact, fans of fast-paced action should also consider this a must have game. The only way you shouldn't get Twisted Metal: Head On is if you're deathly afraid of entertainment.


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