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Attack of the Movies 3-D Ships

Majesco announced today that Attack of the Movies 3-D for the Wii and Xbox 360 has shipped to stores nationwide.

    Packaged with four pairs of 3-D glasses to support four-player multiplayer action, the game transports players to six fantastic movie-themed worlds where they will battle monstrous insects, blast underwater sea creatures, join the resistance against the machines and much more. Featuring classic enemies culled from the annals of film history, this inspired 3-D shooter jumps right out of your television and into your living room.

    In Attack of the Movies 3-D, players become an integral part of movie scenes they can typically only watch. Each scene features genre-based ultimate weapons to engage enemies, including zombie-slaying shotguns, automatic laser cannons and others. In addition, branching paths, changing enemy attack patterns, unique areas and environmental challenges ensure that players never experience the same fight twice.

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