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WireWay Dated, Screens

Konami today revealed the ship date and all new screenshots for WireWay, a new action-puzzle game coming to the Nintendo DS on November 3rd.

    WireWay stars Wiley, a well-intentioned yet troublesome alien who has strayed from his space ship and while left to his vices, he travels the planet jumping from place to place continuously finding himself in more mischief and mis-adventures. Using the DS stylus, players flick and fling Wiley through over 40 levels interactive gameplay, dodging everything from rocks to spikes, collecting power-ups, knocking out walls and running into some interesting characters along the way. All of this in an attempt to get Wiley back home in one piece.WireWay leverages many of the distinct features of the DS including gameplay across the split screens, stylus integration and challenging gameplay. For more competitive players, WireWay supports Nintendo DS ADHOC online multiplayer feature, which allows players to compete in a fun and highly competitive multiplayer race mode. WireWay also has a strategy mode where players can draw in wires and add bumpers to assist Wiley in tackling his adventures.

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