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Back to the Future Collector’s & Deluxe Editions

Telltale Games today unveiled the details of two new packaged versions of Back to the Future: The Game. The new Collector’s and Deluxe Editions offer fans a peek into the world of video game creation and the production values that go into every Telltale game. Each edition contains all five episodes of the game for PC, as well as an exclusive compendium of artwork and footage.

Back to the Future: The Game Collector’s Edition – $24.99 + shipping (Season Owners pay only for shipping)
In addition to all five episodes on PC, the Collector’s Edition DVD includes an in-depth chronicling of all aspects of the game’s development, with insight into producing a game, including:

  • A behind-the-scenes series consisting of five in-depth videos, spanning the game’s development with hours of commentary from the artists and designers;
  • Cinematic game trailers for all five game episodes;
  • Fun character profile videos for Marty, Doc and the Tannens;
  • Comprehensive production art gallery, showing the development of the game’s unique visual style.

Back to the Future: The Game Deluxe Edition – $44.99 + shipping (Season Owners pay $19.99 + shipping)
For the true Back to the Future aficionado and for a small additional cost over the Collector’s Edition, fans can get the Deluxe Edition (limited manufacturing run of 2,500 copies), which features everything listed above and the following items:

  • Newly discovered pages from Doc Brown’s archives including sketches for the original flux capacitor, rocket drill, canine retrieval apparatus and even a short sonnet!
  • Selected and authentic page reproductions from the Hill Valley Historical Society Album from 1875 through 1986;
  • A postcard featuring Trixie Trotter, the Winsome Wench of Winnipeg, welcoming travelers from the Great White North.

Telltale is also introducing new Back to the Future: The Game memorabilia. The Back to the Future: The Game art portfolio features 12 pages of illustrations from Telltale Games artist Ryan Jones and includes drawings of Doc, Marty, Trixie, inventions, locations, Citizen Plus propaganda art and more. Also available is a Back to the Future: The Game movie-style poster measuring 26×40 inches.

Until August 31st, customers ordering more than $50 in value from the Telltale Store will save 15% off their full orders. All items are expected to begin shipping in September and are available exclusively at Telltale Games’ online store.

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