GameOver - Top Ten Worst Games of 2000

GameOver - Top Ten Worst Games of 2000

Army Men: World War (c) 3DO

The Army Men franchise has been in action since 1998 and World War looks like it was made back then. The visuals are well behind the times, the gameplay is frustrating and the entire series is in need of an overhaul. Isn't it about time we put these soldiers back in the toy chest before somebody gets hurt?

Here's a little blurb from our review of Army Men: World War:

Army Men: World War is a game that is far behind the times. In fact, the entire Army Men series is behind the times. Perhaps 3DO should step back for a moment and put a little bit of that money they seem to be making from this franchise and put it back into the game itself. Update the graphics, re-do the sound and come up with some new, unique and exciting ways to bring these toy soldiers to the PC.

What lies beneath at number 6?

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