GameOver - Top Ten Worst Games of 2000

GameOver - Top Ten Worst Games of 2000

Calling all turkeys! Calling all turkeys!

Can you believe the year 2000 is already over? Didn't we just sober up from the Millenium festivities? It's hard to imagine, but here we are twelve months later and it's time to hand out the year end awards, as we do every year. But before we get to the 'Best of' awards, which will be handed out shortly, we begin with just the opposite, the Top Ten Worst Games of 2000! That's right, it's time for the lemons to shine. After all, when have we here at Game Over ever been politically correct? Besides, if game developers and publishers can't laugh at some of the titles they put out, there's something wrong with this industry.

Before we begin the countdown to the Worst Game of 2000, I think it's important to note a few of the guidelines we used to come up with this distinguished list of turkeys. This year, with all our might, we tried to avoid budget titles. Let's face it, budget titles aren't meant to knock us over with crisp visuals, ear-popping audio and incredibly deep gameplay, so we've taken that into account when coming up with our list. That isn't to say that a budget title or two won't make an appearance, but as you'll see later, we compromised and came up with a solid solution. So instead, this 'Worst of' list is full of what you might refer to as major releases, games that are available in North America, Europe and abroad. Besides the fact that the games had to be released in the last 12 months, the only other rule was that when placed on a shelf, the box had to actually emit a foul stench. Believe me, all these games do exactly that.

I'm not going to keep you much longer folks, I know you can't wait to see what 'gag' present to buy your buddies, or which CDs are better used as beverage coasters than games, so enjoy this presentation of the Top Ten Worst Games of 2000 and don't be shy, send us your comments or nominations for the worst games of 2000 or visit our new message boards. We'd love to hear what you think and perhaps we'll do a follow-up article listing some of the Readers's Choices. Have fun!

Let's start the countdown!

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