Need for Speed Payback Progression Update and Patch

Following the launch of Need for Speed Payback, Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have been working on addressing feedback by making changes to the progression system and other aspects of the game. These range from decreasing the amount of time for parts to refresh within the tune-up shops to the way events, bait crates and roaming racers work. Players in Ranked Speedlists will also notice an increased amount of parts being paid out. Win the Speedlist and you’re guaranteed a new part, while simply participating means you get more chances of receiving an item of your own. They’ve already pushed a number of these updates live and will continue to listen to players to make Need for Speed Payback the best experience possible.

Soon players will see a client-side patch going live and will benefit from a range of updates including improved game performance, multiple fixes to improve stability and tune-up shops stocking a higher quality selection of parts. To keep an eye on the latest information you can check out the Need for Speed Twitter and find the full list of changes on the Need for Speed blog.

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