Tropico 5 Limited Special Edition Unveiled

Kalypso Media today announced the Tropico 5 Limited Special Edition. This edition of Tropico 5 is automatically available to anyone who pre-orders or buys the retail version of the game at launch and includes an avatar costume for your El Presidente, as well as the ‘Bayo del Olfato’ map for Sandbox mode at no extra cost. In addition, the Tropico 5 Limited Special Edition contains a Tropico passport and Tropico island postcard.

If you prefer to get your games digitally, then Steam Pre-Purchase is available from today with a 10% discount. The Pre-Purchase deal will offer aspiring rulers a new alternative ‘Businessman’ avatar costume and ‘Isla de Vapor’ sandbox map available exclusively for digital players. Plus, there will be additional pre-order bonuses depending on the overall number of Steam pre-orders for Tropico 5. You can also pre-purchase Tropico 5 via the Kalypso Launcher and get a 15% discount.

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