Madden Ultimate Team Draft Duels

Electronic Arts today announced Madden Ultimate Team Draft Duels, a new way to play Madden NFL 13.

Draft Duels brings a twist to Madden Ultimate Team, as fans will take turns selecting players not only from their own special Draft Duels packs, but their opponent’s Draft Duels packs as well. Each round, players choose one NFL star to add to their team, and then swap packs. This back-and-forth challenge continues until all players have been claimed, at which point a head-to-head game begins. Strategy plays an important role, as not only must fans try and craft the best team possible, but they also have to keep their opponent from claiming too many highly-rated players.

Madden Ultimate Team Draft Duels is being added today, free of charge, to Madden NFL 13 via a title update.

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